As Life Wears Us Down


You bring us down,
From the splendors of Earth,
But you are the reason why we live;
To go to the beautiful Heaven above,
And never die again and never go to tragedy again

You let us rest from
The dreads and pains of Life,
Letting us live a short while;
As Life wears us down,
The steady ticking of the clock comes to a halt,
Knowing that you are near

As the clock stops ticking,
Our hearts stop beating;
While we say bye to loved ones,
We see a lovely light that will lead us to a new Life

You lead to the radiant light;
Leaving our material possessions behind;
Making us forget everything,
As we see a blinding sight.

Some people lie down,
Because Life has worn them down;
Waiting for the tickling sensation;
They look around,
Looking forward to their new life.