Let's Talk


It’s hard to talk nowadays. It really is. Sometimes when I go up to people, conversations get stifled and I feel absolutely bored. CAPITAL B-O-R-E-D. I start to play with my feet and tap my hands because the conversation crashed and burned. It’s gone. It’s dead. No amount of CPR will bring it back to life.

I never really understood why communication with people always seemed to end up like this. Maybe we just have different opinions? Or maybe we are just different people? No. These cannot be the reasons why we have killed so many of these conversations. There must be another explanation as to why so many discussions have been brutally murdered.

I put on my deerstalker on and grab my magnifying glass. It would be nice to have a sidekick, but no matter, the investigation must go on. I traced the footsteps of this serial killer and examined the chalk markers of the dead conversations. I searched and scoured for clues in dumpsters and in alleyways. And I caught the murderers. They were us.

We are the ones that killed the conversations. We are the ones that refuse to let the conversations breath a little bit. We are the ones that let them die. Why? Because we don’t think anymore.

Too many times in this world, things have been spelled out for us. When we go to movies, read books, listen to music, etc. everything is clearly labeled and spelled out. Every character in almost every movie, book, television show, each one explains how he or she is feeling. In the real world, people actually don’t have an epiphany every second and announce it to the world. People bottle up emotions and let them stir in their bodies for a bit until they come cascading out. With music, now, people can listen to it without any thought. So many things today on the top charts scream how everything is going to happen without any regard for conversation, for any thought.

I am not saying that every book and every song and every television show is like this. I’m just saying too much of it is. Too many of the things we witness in the world today spell everything out. Anything that really does require thought, like the movies similar to Cloud Atlas and the book of the same name, is shunned by the younger generations because over time, anything that requires thought, anything that provokes a conversation, is too much to handle and comprehend. Now we need critics, whether they be Rotten Tomatoes for movies or the New York Times Best Seller List, to whisper thoughts into our minds and make the decisions if what we see is good or not. It makes me wonder if all thought is done for us, do we really think? Are we really using the full capacity of our minds?

Why do we look at masterpieces from the past in museums? Why do we listen to recordings of songs that came from past? Why do we always seem to want to go to the past? Because those great masterpieces create conversations. They make us think. Because those petrified remains are the artifacts of a time when the romantic art of conversation still existed.

What makes this disregard for conversation even worse is when one thinks about the conversations that could have been. Who knows what could have been created through conversations? There could have been great literary masterpieces, artistic innovations, and great musical compositions. But we might never know until we have those conversations.

Another way we kill these conversations is through the way we think, when we actually do try. Everything is in black and white. What happened to all the grey space in between the black and white? Today’s world is so driven to figuring out what is white and what is black, but a life worth living is one lived in grey. Conversations thrive in the grey. I say screw it to the black and white. I want to live in the grey.

I want to have conversations that provoke thoughts and challenges and inspires. Isn’t that a conversation worth having? A conversation worth having is one where a conversation does happen. I want to feel my brain explode with thoughts and hurt with new ones forming. I’m tired of killing the conversation with my own hands. I want to talk.

So let’s talk.