Bustling streets with the clacks of high heels, sneakers, and shoes. The huddled masses scurrying through the gridded streets and avenues. Bright lights line the store windows, which glitter with merchandise. Smells of delicious foods permeate the streets. This is Manhattan.

But what if all of it was gone?

I remember sitting in my AP US history class reading a primary source document of someone first arriving on the island of Manhattan, the new world. It described a place of rolling, luscious green hills. It was said that the smell of flowers could be smelled from miles away in the sea. Trees used to dominate the island. Flowers once peered their faces from behind the towering grasses. And animals used to chirp and leap from the trees.

I want to spend my next year of my life in the island of Manhattan in the year of 1613. The year before the Eden-like land gets touched upon by people. Before the clacks of shoes replace the sounds of animals. Before the people stomp on the flowers. Before the bright lights replace the shimmering stars. Before the sweet fragrance of flowers get replaced by the smell of sewage.

I want to spend time in the island before the cold, iron monsters take over.

I want so spend time in a place where the smell of flowers could be breathed in.

A time when Manhattan was truly just Manhattan and nothing else.