My Portfolio Website


The current website that you see before you is actually the fourth iteration. As I learned and developed my skills even further over the years, I wanted to add more to my website, making it more dynamic and visually interesting. My main focus for this website was not necessarily its user friendliness, but rather its aesthetics. With all that I have learned thus far, I just wanted a website that actually reflected my evolving aesthetic, so that viewers can get a sense of who I am.

Before I show you my website, what you will see below is my personal logo and its evolution. I started off with a very serif font, and over time, I felt that it was dated. The current logo was actually used over a year ago, and I returned back to it, because I just admired the intricacy of it, and thought it would be a waste if I did not use it in some way.

As you can see below, in chronological order, my sense of style has been pretty consistent, with only minor changes - however, it is really the code behind each iteration that has changed drastically. With each new iteraction, I packed more and more code in the back, taking what I have learned and implementing it.

This will forever be an ongoing project of mine, so come back for updates.