This was a poster created for Contemporary Theatre at Boston College, for the play, "Gruesome Playground Injuries," by Rajiv Joseph. To give context for this play, the narrative encircles two main characters, Kayleen and Doug - who meet over a series of various physical injuries. The main theme is that "love, sometimes hurts" - taking the classical themes that have been repeated since Romeo and Juliet to a darker, even bloodier, level.

Inline with that sentiment, the final poster that was decided upon, was straightforward and played around with the concept of "star-crossed" - hence the crossed bandaids. Additionally, the color scheme that was chosen was green and purple, to match the colors of physical bruises. Overall, the concept was finished to be clean and iniviting - to be somewhat of a contrast to the actual content of the play.

The following is the original concept proposed. I pulled a watercolor image of a heart from the internet (*watercolor heart belongs to its original creator) and put stitches through that torn watercolor heart. The goal was to be more visceral and parallel the intensity of the matters talked about in the play.

Here are some pieces of inspiration that I drew upon from the internet. Since, from what I read, the play had themes similar to Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet," I looked for inspiration in those posters and these were the ones that drew my attention. They were powerful and strong, and yet had a nuanced, lingering sadness to them.