This was a fun project, done for a class - it was a hypothetical fashion show between Dior, a classical couture brand, and Alexander McQueen, a brand known for its ability to challenge fashion and pushing its definitions, whilst maintaining its femininity. What was attempted to be explored in this project was the dynamic ability of art to be contextualized by its environment and by itself. Likewise I found those same parallels in fashion. Fashion has always played an important role in giving context – it can act as an indicator of someone’s socioeconomic status, their sense of style, and even their idiosyncratic voice.

The goal of this space was to bring conflicting elements and feelings together. An example would be the distinct separation between the audience and the clothes - but I still wanted to have a sense of unity. The space was created to utilize this interplay between discrimination, unity and separation.

Four main themes presented itself: the tale of Narcissus and Echo, beauty as a disease, the 4 seasons, and reflection.

The inspiration for this concept show was not only from my own reflections on my relationship to art and fashion, but also from the myth of Echo and Narcissus. Narcissus falls in love with his own reflection, and it is Echo, who desparately in love with him tragically perishes to be nothing but an echo. Narcissus, also passes, but what remains is a flower in his place.

With this, arose the idea of beauty as a disease - sort of playing on the modern notion of fashion being its own demise. An example would be the contrast of luxury fashion and its devotion to the arts, and its competition to the capitalistic forces that drives luxury itself.

Thus, what is seen in these headpieces and its inspirations are flowers nestled within the hair of the models. The idea is that as the show progresses, the flower arrangements become more ornate, until they completely overtake and consume the model.

The clothing itself was created to reflect the four seasons and its ability to evolve. In line with the inspiration, I wanted to keep the aesthetic similar to ones seen in Dior and McQueen, whilst adding my own flair into the collection itself. The pieces seen are only portions of a full potential collection. Additionally, in line with the theme, I wanted to offer some sense of hope, thus I added the theme of four seasons, to imply a cylical nature. With that, I wanted to use Max Ritcher's reimagined version of Vivaldi's Four Seasons as the background music. Not only is it taking something from the past, and adding a new modernity to it, just as fashion does, but also it adds a depth to the show by keeping with the theme.

The location chosen was the Chateau de Rothschild - now abandoned, located very close to Paris.

The physical location of this show will be a reflection of the classical meeting modernity, but at the same time, a play again on the idea of discrimination, unity and separation. By using an abandoned building and then adorning it in flowers, as a reference to Raf Simons' first show with Dior, and transforming the interior - I am again playing with the idea of taking something that was once beautiful and transforming it to something beyond. By using a grand historic building, this reinforces the context of wealth and what that means for the stratification of society.

The show will take place through out the first floor of the building as shown on the floor plan. The guests will be dispered through out with various projections behind the models.

Since the goal of this show was to not only show the dangerous side of beauty, but also give a chance for reflection, the catwalk was constructed to allow for a more literal interpretation of self-reflection with the mirrored sides and the water (a reference to the Narcissus myth). And seen below, you will see examples of the various images projected as the show progresses, to be inline with the various seasons. The technique used would be that utilized by Es Devlin on her various shows.

As the show progresses, and as beauty over takes, what will be shown are the bare walls of the physical abdandoned building - that once used to be grand. Again, the idea for this show is to allow for some reflection on what fashion means and how it has evolved. In a way, this show is my way of questioning the concept of "for the sake of fashion." I wanted to convey a show that forces the audience members to reflect on what beauty is and how its connotations and its surroundings change its meaning.